Set aspect ratio with 3(or more) fraction digits!

When I set a cropping aspect ratio, it ignores any fraction digits beyond 2.
Furthermore, it sometimes ignores 2 fraction digits, such as when you set it to 1.33 or 1.34. Either of these settings will automatically change to 4/3, which is not what I want. If I want 4/3 (exactly) I will go ahead and select 4/3, or I’d prefer to set 1.3333 (or something like that if more fraction digits were allowed). If you allowed me to type any ratio (like “15/7”) and have DXO understand that then it would be an even better way to select 4/3 for me since I often want other ratios not in the list.

This is not a trivial change for me, as I want to control the size of both dimensions (independently) of my images to the pixel exactly, and I can’t do it if my input aspect ratio settings are ignored by DXO. Can you please have a “preference setting” to set the # of aspect ratio decimal places (eg 3 or 4) and another to enable/disable the auto-changing of that setting to a pre-defined ratio (eg 4/3)? This way you can keep it as it now, or I could set it to 3 (or more) fraction digits and disable it being changed to 4/3!


The cropping tool is not there for setting pixel dimensions, that is taken care of in the export dialog.

Having said that, it is equally possible to enter a precise pixel ratio like 1536:1024