Serious issue with PL 5.6 Elite after update from v5.4

On fully updated Window 10, the PhotoLab 5.6 Elite update is flawed. New jpg exports from Pentax DNG (Pentax K-3iii) do not match corrections made in the PL5 Customize panel and as seen in the image preview. Jpg images are usually darker and have different image tone. However, if I open in version 5.6 any DNG files and their matched dop file edits that were made in PL5.4 the exported jpgs match the appearance of the preview image. Right now my beloved PL5 is unusable for RAW conversion.

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I have faced the same issue after update to PL 5.6. My camera is Pentax KP. DNG files cannot be edited properly.

I was really happy to see that with version 5.6 came the optical module for the Pentax 16-50 mm PLM for the Pentax K3 III. I am all the more annoyed about the bug in the creation of the JPG file. The result is darker and the perspective also changes compared to the preview. It is really frustrating. Until now I didn’t know this behaviour of the programme. Please analyse the bug quickly and fix it. :weary:

I just installed the new v5.6.1 update which addresses issues with white balance and color rendering when noise reduction and optical corrections are applied. I edited and exported the same Pentax DNG files that were problematic in v5.6.0. The exported jpgs now match the appearance of the edits viewed in the preview screen. Looks like a solution. Good quick response DxO crew!


Good news! Thanks.

I have installed the update 5.6.1. Now everything works as it should! Thank you.

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