Series from Bilbao


Those are all incredible images - fascinating to slowly move my eye around them, and I wonder if they are real photos, or some kind of “AI”.
Is this a special skill you/ve developed?
Are they ordinary photos of a “special” place, designed to look like this?
I almost find myself feeling dizzy trying to imagine what you were taking photos of.

Your reflection photo is wonderful.

If it wouldn’t “break the magic”, can you please say more about them?

Oh, and Welcome Back to the forum!!!

For me they are too dark and to less contrast. The perspective is disappearing, the image look to flat.
I had to search my own images, I’ve been there too.


They are all processed with DXO raw converter. No they are not AI! The Guggenheim at Bilbao is a photographers dream, and I often go there and try and capture the magic. Its about 2hrs from my home.

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I’m sorry Mike but it is not very polite to accuse a photographer of using AI, just because you don’t recognise the subject.

See Jeff’s post for the where and when.

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#3 could be a little brighter, but then the author wanted show the shiny surface.
Otherwise they are nice. :slight_smile:

The city itself is also a photographers dream. I like the north of Spain.


Hmmm. Interesting. Well; Bilbao is about 1000km from us in Côtes-d’Armor, so where are you based?

Near Lourdes. It’s nice up your way. Only been once.

First is right on the money imo.
A bit soft but it’s like a foggy morning shoot.
Second that’s also crisp and clear nice feel.
Third hmmm, i see halo’s around the edges of the structures.
Cvp? It looks overpushed.
Personaly i think les surpressing the sky’s color (brighter?) overal more exposure and some “shine” on the building plates would provoke more contrast ánd sharp edges. (if this is possible to drag out the rawfile.

Last looks on my tablet i bit dark. Overal detail looks great but asmall amount of opening up the shadows would raise it’s stars.

@jeffholdgate i don’t critisize you images i am just writing my thoughts down with out knowing how much of my thoughts can be made real on the screen. I don’t know which decisions you made on the material you worked with.:slightly_smiling_face:

Well, it’s a long drive. The furthest south we have been is Aix-en-Provence but, on the west, the nearest to you would be Royan. There’s loads of inlets, marshes, salt pans and oyster beds there. Unfortunately, there were also thousands of mosquitoes.

BTW, I like your website.

I think this might be due to HDR if the file names are to be believed.

The third photo hasn’t “NR” nor “HDR” in the file name. And it’s more “flat” then HDR.
The last one is indeed HDR… But somehow slidgly to darkisch on my screen.

Thanks, its due for revision, working on it now.