Selective Tone / Highlights too "broad"

“Looks heavily over-sharpened, like an auto-HDR image from an iPhone (as an iPhone 11 Pro owner, I’m very familiar with iPhone photo files).”
Exact, that is what I had always in mind but couldn’t place. Btw, I didn’t it sharpen, it is C1 standardly.
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That shouldn’t be a problem - as PL’s workspace is AdobeRGB, regardless … and choice of Adobe RGB or sRGB applies only to the exported result … Right, @platypus ?

John M

i think that the warningcolors are set to preferred colorspace.(otherwise you casefuly tune down just inside AdobeRGB (to get rid to the warning colors) and then compres again (but now automated) with export to sRGB. (sounds logic but i have to check not sure)
PL’s maximum workspace is AdobeRGB at this moment that is for sure.

No, John, that is not the case. My display is callibrated Adobe RGB, the export is Adobe RGB. This image looks fine in the PL viewer 37%, but when expands to 100% it becomes sRGB, like the output. ??? Curious!


While I have previously agreed with the advantage of U-Point selections over C1 masks the addition of the Magic Brush & Eraser changes everything, particularly as they are working within a far more sophisticated local adjustment UI.

The Magic Brush & Eraser effectively do what the U-Points do except better. Hopefully, DXO can integrate the advantages of C1’s Magic Brush & Eraser to give enhanced U-Point performance to the benefit of all users. That’s why competition is good for the industry.

…this is what DxO has to say about how PhotoLab handles colour spaces:

And when viewing with the right software it’s converted to the monitor’s color space.

Does that happen when passing the 70%?


George, when expanded to 50% the color stays, but at 70% it becomes sRGB. The output in Fast Stone Image viewer is sRGB (on a callibrated Adobe RGB screen).


No, I don’t think it’s RGB, it’s the behaviour of PL. Rely on the 100%, above 70%.
How can you tell what color space is used? What you see is the monitor’s color space.


My monitor Eizo is a Adobe RGB callibrated monitor. Nothing wrong with it. What is wrong is the dopfile of the above corrected RAW image by Joanna. She has something ‘been up to’ :smiley: with it.

Her dop file is based on your first image, a JPG.
The problem is not your monitor and not that color space is changing while viewing. If you see the difference when passing the 70% boarder it’s just PL.

By the way, I don’t see any color changing on my monitor. Just sharpness.


The first image is based on RAW file X0A8304CR2 + dop file sc. the corrections of Joanna. This first image is sRGB. See above.
When I take this dop file and join it with my RAW file in PL then the outcome is also sRGB. I cannot change it. Do I something wrong?


you can’t move the dopfile to another image.


Hi Willy,
I played with your raw-file and adjusted brightness and contrast with DxO SmartLighting Spot Weighted
VC1 → _X0A8304.CR2.dop (18,7 KB), but don’t see any colour changes within PL5 while zooming.

note – I didn’t use Selective Tone / Highlights

Then I exported VC1 as jpg in Original, AdobeRGB and sRGB colour space.

  • Only the last one is reported as sRGB and the traffic sign along the road at the right hand side appears with somewhat dimmed red, when compared to the other two.
    [ Eizo CG2730 + FastPictureViewer set to AdobeRGB]

  • When screen and viewer are both set to sRGB, I can’t see that difference.

By comparison, in the unaltered raw-file (M) that red looks darker
(the same with Faststone Image Viewer).


It is the same but duplicated RAW file Joanna used. I have yet the same corrections one after another applied to the original RAW file and the result is an image in correct Adobe RGB.

George thank you for your help.


This is my result (Adobe RGB). Thanks all.


So; in Photolab Highlight slider in Selective Tone tool also affects midtones. I don’t get it and I never will. I think one of developers screwed those sliders and now he does not want to repair them. Whatever.

In LR and Capture One Highlights slider only affects highlights.
They say: don’t use Selective Tone sliders; use Local adjustments in Photolab.
The problem is … in Local Adjustments highlights slider behaves the same way – it also affects midtones.

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