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I have been testing the new DxO PL4 “Deep Prime” noise reduction feature (and I’m Impressed - see this very nice short video demo: I have been using the compare feature to compare the Deep Prime adjusted RAW image - as an output jpg file) with the original RAW image with noise reduction turned off. But, what I really wanted to do was compare the output adjusted image to the jpg file produced by the camera. That is the real issue for me, as I often am completely happy with the jpg file the camera outputs. Anyone know if this comparison is possible? I can’t find a way to do it.


Hello @HamsterDR,

  • Nope, this is not possible - comparison is done only with the image you modify. But there is a request on this forum about comparison of different images, you can find and vote for it.

Svetlana G.

you can create virtual copies an then compare the different versions. I have not tried yet to then use the “Compare” function with them. I am not on my computer where DPL is installed so I cant try it myself.

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This works very well

You can compare the two manually if you wish. Put the JPG produced by the camera and the JPG produced by PL4 side by side in a folder and then manually switch between the two files with your mouse. This does not use the built-in compare feature but will achieve the same result with just a little extra trouble.

The virtual copy process doesn’t help me. I can make multiple virtual copies of one master image and then compare these virtual copies. I can create virtual copies of the processed jpeg and the original out of camera jpeg, but compare doesn’t let me compare them. What I have been doing is exporting the files and then opening them in Preview side by side and high magnification to look for differences. That works, but is clumsy. The 27 inch helps.


Hi David,

as this comparison is not possible within DPL, and as you’re often satisfied with your camera jpeg, perhaps a good thing would be to make some tests at various ISO and compare both results to determine at which ISO level it would be useful for you to use DeepPrime instead of keeping your native camera jpeg.

Once done, you could then rely on that ISO level to decide which image you want to work with DPL.

PS: As you can sort thumbnails on ISO value you can know easily which raw to process.

I shoot the majority of my images at ISO 100 - it is rare for me to have images I care about shot at higher ISO. The one image I have been using for testing was shot at ISO 6400 at night at a Halloween Parade. I don’t have to do fancy comparisons to see that Deep Prime helps (at lot!) for this image. My other use case for Deep Prime are old Canon Digital Rebel images that were shot in difficult conditions (a Ring of Fire cruise from eastern Russia down to Japan). Here, I can just process _all_the images with Deep Prime and see benefits. The more flexible ability to compare images would be nice, but not critical for my work. There is a suggestion to provide this, and I will up-vote that suggestion.


Dear @HamsterDR,

if you are still interested in this feature you can vote here Compare several photos in same view - DxO PhotoLab / Which feature do you need? - DxO Forums to bring it up

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