Select range of exposures?

Wading through a collection of many exposures from a day’s work, I want to select only a handful of exposures to process with PureRAW 2. As best I can tell, I can select all or deselect all exposures, but there’s no way to select a range of images out of tens or maybe hundreds of exposures. For example, I want to use the 10th through 21st exposures out of 100 exposures - there seems to be no way to choose exposure 10 and 21, and have 11 through 20 filled in “automagically”.

What app do you use to view/cull your images?
Have you tried drag & drop?

Click on “Add photos to process”, choose the proper folder, click on photo 10, hold down the Shift key, click on photo 21, click on "Add photos, then click process photos.

At the moment I use a cobbled up combination of Irfan, notes, looking through folders with PL5. Hardly the efficient way to do things, but the “light table” apps I’ve tried demand too much effort, and have given less than what I want, to make them worth using. That’s just me, and my preferences.

“click on photo 10, hold down , click on photo 21”

Hold what down?

Hold down the shift key

Shift. Sorry that important info got skipped. I’ve fixed it now and thanks @Joanna .

Hmmm… I tried select select earlier without success. It now works, as does select select

Thanks for nudging me back in the right direction.