Select last edited image upon program start

It would be nice if the program would automatically jump to the last edited image in the photo library on a new start of the program.

Sometimes, I have several hundreds of images that need to be edited. If I want to continue the next day, the first thing in Photolab is always to scroll through all the images to find the images that I have been working on last. It would be nice if that would not be necessary.

For me, on macOS, PL starts with the latest image I selected before quitting.

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This feature has been requested before, but only picked up one vote:

I’m adding my vote to this newer request. :+1:

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I can confirm that. It restarts like I never quit PL.

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OK, seems like this is another Mac/Win difference that @StevenL should have a look at…

Adding my vote, too - the behaviour of the Windows version is really boring.

Just adding an observation on PL usage, here;

If this behaviour matters to you then it suggests you have many images in the folder in which PL is working (where “many” might be 100s or even 1000s !! of images). Although this does seem to be a common approach amongst a lot of PL users, I reckon that’s counter productive - as PL will have to wade its way (sluggishly!) thru all those images each and every time you open it … and it hinders ability to select specific images etc, etc.

I reckon a much more efficient approach is to use a Work-in-Progress folder for your new images;

  • Move a smallish batch of source-images (RAWs, etc) to this folder and work on them as usual

  • On completion, move the source-image and resulting sidecar/.dop files to a separate storage folder, and then repeat the process with the next batch.

  • Just by way of example, my folder structure looks like this:
    – WIP-Folder … as decribed above
    – Subject-folder … eg. by date & description of the shoot … Containing exported JPGs/TIFFs
    – - - RAWs&Sidecars … a sub-folder, containing source + sidecar files relating to the Subject folder

Regards, John M

Hi @John-M,
You’re right about too many files in one folder.
But on my case, I’m using for instance some “Various” folders per year to put inside some few photos taken without any project et specific case.
So I start working on this folder, then work on other folders, and after adding some images into “Various” I come back, and there I’m delighted to go directly to the latest edited image in this folder with needing to search for the first new image.

So this to say that it’s not only a number of images in one folder which can justify this good and sanitary request :grin:.

BTW being a Mac user, I already have it and perhaps that’s why I find it so useful. And I put my vote to support Windows users…

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I work with different file numbers in folders, from singles to hundreds - which of course really belong into the same folder (and I don’t want to work around by breaking it into several smaller subsets).

However, it’s no problem that PL needs some time to re-index the files in the folder. It’s more the completely unnecessary effort to find the last recently processed image again that is boring.

If the Mac version by default selects that image, I really don’t see any reason why the Windows version should not behave the same. At the very least, this would be an advantage - regardless of the number of files in the folder…

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