Continu where you left off

Ok, I’m editing a photo, as one does in a photo editor, it’s late, I close the computer and go to sleep.

Wake up the next day, want to finish up, open PL and… I’ve got to navigate and find the photo I was last editing, waiting for all the thumbnail to refresh(slowest in the industry BTW), maybe open one or two wrong ones before I can go on working.


Shouldn’t there be an option to “open to where I left off”?

I agree, this is an important feature to have. But I’ve seen and voted for this feature request before:

It’s bizarre that this behavior hasn’t been implemented yet then, it’s very basic behavior that all other image editing programs I have used do, and it can’t be more than a simple routine to write requiring vey little code.

Together, the three requests have gathered only 33 votes yet. Other requests with more votes are still pending too. DxO sets its own priorities and allication of resources. :man_shrugging:

Helt enig.
For øyeblikket bruker jeg PL til å transkribere gamle dagbøker som ble skrevet av min mor under krigen, i tillegg til vanlig fotobruk. På en skjerm bilder av sider fra dagbøkene, på den andre skjermen min tekstbehandler (Libre Office). Dagboksiden er mange og svært like av uteende så det ville vært svært praktisk! Også når jeg har foldere med mange bilder tar det ofte en del tid å finne igjen samme bilde.

@TorsteinH’s message, translated by

I couldn’t agree more.
At the moment I am using PL to transcribe old diaries written by my mother during the war, in addition to regular photo use. On one screen images of pages from the diaries, on the other screen my word processor (Libre Office). The diary pages are many and very similar in appearance so it would be very practical! Also when I have folders with many pictures it often takes some time to find the same picture again.

Did i forget to translate, my intention was to post the English text from depl …not the Norwegian.