Select colors outside of color wheel range

am very happy with the updates so far in version 4 that improved the productivity, especially 4.1 solved some bugs that I had since PL3.

I am however wondering how to properly use the color wheel, or maybe I understand its application wrongly. For example if I want to adjust the colors brown or gray, is there any way to achieve this? I feel that the selection is limited only to colors with full saturation and there is a third dimension missing in the selection? When I am using the color picking tool and click on a grayish image part, it selects me a full blue color. And when I activate the mask with ctrl key, it is obvious that the correct color has not been selected. So is the color wheel tool only suited for a limited range of colors?

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For gray/white, you would need to use the global or local white balance adjustments. Such neutral colors are not adjustable in the HSL color wheel.

For brown, Iā€™m not sure. I expect you would be able to use the color picker and it would automatically assign your brown to one of the color channels in the HSL tool, where you can adjust it. But brown is a composite of many colors, so it might require that you manually adjust the color wheel to get the range you want.