Seeking Advice: Activation, Refund, Hacking

I’m posting to ask this forum for help in resolving a problem I have with Photolab 2. Hopefully, someone has a solution or fix for my issues.
I bought the Photolab 2 Elite bundle two weeks ago. I’ve had problems from the getgo receiving activation codes and download links. I tried to activate Photolab 2, and it does not activate. Every time I open it asks for activation. When I enter the code DXO gave me, it doesn’t activate. The elite features do not work, and when I export a photo, it has demo written across it.

The software is unusable in this form; I’ve been in contact for two weeks now with support without a resolution. I’ve tried everything they asked me to try; I still don’t have working software. I asked for a refund and was told I couldn’t get a refund because I activated the software. I asked them “how is the software activated when it is stuck in demo mode, and won’t take the activation code?” Their response was that I tried to activate the software and that the code was tied to my machine.

I’ve been informed they want me to let a developer take control of my computer (hack) so they can look for the problem. Sounds dubious, I’m not sure what to make of this.
So now I’m out over $200, and I have no working software. What are my options at this point? Thanks for any feedback.

You can let him do this of course yes.

A remote desktop session is common practice, if the user infront of the computer does not have enough technical knowledge, to find the problem by himself.

The problem will have something to do with rights managenent on your system, where the license files cannot be written to the required location. Or the license files do not even arrive on your computer because of firewall or virus scanner settings. Something like that.

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If they offered to trouble shoot via remote session like TeamViewer you should accept it.
That’s dedication shown from them to really solve this for you and for them to learn what have gone wrong - either with their software or your computer.

We do that at my work all the time. It s a support branch standard.

Dxo will solve this for you. :slight_smile:

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You should not be worried about potential hacking, support team of well established software providers are professional: I once let Microsoft support take remote control of my computer, I could watch what they were doing on my screen and they did fix my problem. Same will happen with DXO!

I had a similar trouble with ViewPoint 2 a few years ago. I agreed to the TeamViewer remote session and the technician found the trouble rather quickly, it was bad dll’s from them, and they installed the correct dlls.
You can watch what they are doing on your computer. If you want the software, do it.

For sure take this offer by the support. You always see what they do and its not standard that support takes times for a RDP session.

Hello @timber,

You should not worry at all. I’m sure it will be a TeamView session with our Developer (a person who really works on the application) and you could see every action on your Desktop. It’s most probably a problem with your PC and a Developer can solve it for you. Remote session is a common action for a problem solving if it concerns exactly issues connected to user’s PC. Please, give him a chance.

Thank you
Svetlana G.

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That’s typical of DxO’s sincere attempts to sort out users’ problems - - So long as you’re sure that you’re communicating with a DxO staff-member, you can be safe in trusting this offer.

John M

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