Seeing things that are not really there - and photographing them

One of the things I most enjoy about photography, is seeing things that don’t exist. Something that looks almost real, but isn’t. One of the best ways to do this for me, is reflections.

I went on a long walk this afternoon, looking for images that might make a fascinating photo when converted to B&W. I got a lot of possible images, but on my way home, I stopped to look at something impossible. I walked around to find the perfect viewpoint, then took two photos, one of what I first saw, and another to try to improve it. Bad idea. Now that I’m at my computer, the only one I liked is what I first saw, that I fell in love with, even though it “isn’t”.

I think the photo speaks for itself, but I don’t dare convert it to gray scale… The reflection IS the picture; my photo of the reflection is almost irrelevant, but I liked the way the tree (real) brings me back to “reality”. I thought about cropping it more, but the rest of the image goes along with the tree.

…or, maybe I’m losing my mind, imagineering this photo in my mind…

780_5988 | 2024-07-07.nef (30.2 MB)
780_5988 | 2024-07-07.nef.dop (28.3 KB)