Searching EXIF data field names

I’ve just watched a video by Photo Joseph on managing your photo library in PhotoLab 4.
He illustrated how he was able to search photos based on EXIF data.
If he put in 100 it would show all 100 ISO, 100 mm focal length, …
I thought he also showed putting in ISO and seeing a list of all the different ISO’s he’d used taking photos and how many were taken at each ISO.
I tried this (after indexing my Photos folder on W10) and it didn’t work.
If I enter “200” it does list all the EXIF data fields with the number 200 in them.
How do I search based on field name rather than content?
For example, I’d like a count of how many photos I’ve taken with each of my different lenses.

Strange layout of pl. First enter the value and then select the item to where you want it to belong.


PhotoLab recognizes what camera and lens were used to take a picture as it applies a correction specific to that combination. Is there a way to search for all photos taken with a specific lens, or that had that lens’ DxO correction applied?

50 to all your 50mm focal regardless of the model.

If I enter 75, it returns all photos taken at 75 mm whether with my 75 f/1.8, my 12-100 zoom, or my 75-300 zoom. Is there a way to search only those taken with the 75 f/1.8?

No, you can not.

Yes, we can (on Mac)

CAVEAT: The list of matches is way too short and repeats lens info (with hidden body info)

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For these kinds of metadata searches, you’ll likely need a more specialized tool than PhotoLab. ExifTool is one (and it’s free), but it has a steep learning curve. There are currently over 14,000 known metadata tags, with new ones being added constantly by camera manufacturers, etc. Dedicated digital asset managers (DAM) like IMatch are designed to handle this kind of task.

Interesting that this only works on Mac.
I’ve got a Windows 10 system as my main editing system and it doesn’t find anything when I enter m.z;
but, my MacBook - which I use when travelling, finds the three m.zuiko lenses I’ve processed raws for.
Wonder why it’s Mac only?

DxO Trade Secret :rofl:

Well, differences exist between the win and mac versions. This is just one of them…