Searchable plain list of supportedI cameras and lenses

I am aware of the file CAFList.db for which corresponds to the major production list of Photolab in use (currently 7 for my installation). However, this is a SQL RDBMS file. I have to setup a SQL query to get the answer I want. A simple flat text file would suffice without having to query either on my own machine or over the web with the DxO search by camera body, etc. I am not asking DxO to post the list per se to the DxO website. However, converting the RDBMS file CAFList to a plain text list that could be downloaded from the DxO public website and updated each time a body/lens module is added or deleted (eg, Nikon Z9, lens thereunder by marque – Nikon, Sigma, Zeiss, etc) would be useful and appreciated.