Searchable Index for the PL5 Manual?

Can we have a searchable Index for the PL5 Manual?

if you download it as a pdf file, then you can search by words.

…plus an index that links to the respective pages, please.


Absolutely agree with Raybun and Platypus. A search engine to search the manual would be great.

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Only if you already know the word you’re searching for.

Edit. And writer/s of the manuals, while you’re at it: get rid of incorrect version numbers, please. A manual for PL5 doesn’t have to have phrases like

When you first start using DxO PhotoLab 3, the list of projects will be empty.

I find that the best way to report errors in the manual or on DxO web sites is to open a support ticket at I’ve done this several times and the issues have been routed to the right people and fixed quickly.

It’s not an “error” in the manual @Egregius when the TOC doesn’t provide links to chapters, when there is no index, no glossary, and especially not this huge part of “Windows only” paragraphs. I also wrote to the support there’s some differences in the list of shortcuts (the one in the menus is different from the one in the manual). And honestly, if I’d write about everything what I don’t like/find confusing/find unclear in the manual, I could as well use the time to write my own one.

And still: I’m grateful to have something to read. Contrary to the super poor documentation of Capture One which is only available in English (legally doubtful within the EU). DxO takes the effort and supports other languages as well. Great!

Joju, that’s not what I was referring to by “error” - I was replying to your last statement:

which is a different problem than the feature request. Sorry I wasn’t more clear.

Sorry I misunderstood. And compared the manual to the ones in my professional work. Errors are typos, wrong data, wrong facts. But using version numbers without taking care how to deal with new versions is in my eyes not a real error, but more a lack of concept. I’m used to work with all kind of variables, and to produce a valid manual of our software, I use a variable as I don’t want to “search an replace” in 400 pages documents. As I’ve seen, the source document of PL5 manual is written in M$ Word. :nauseated_face:

No more questions… Here’s a main reason for poor document functions.