Search restrictions required

Can you restrict the Devices searched in PL5 and thus avoid including all current and past input devices. Currently I am getting a lot of “?” in my searches as my searches are looking for the original source data as well as the files included in my hard drive. I am therefore getting a lot of “?” in my search responses as well as the files I am actually looming for.

PhotoLab searches its database, which contains informations about all the drives, folders and files that you had pointed it to. While these drives might be disconnected, folders or files deleted or moved, PhotoLab remembers them all. That is why you find “absent” things too.

PhotoLab’s search would be more helpful, if it could
a) be restricted to things below a given location as you proposed, or
b) pointed out found items in a way that included the item’s path.

@TerryN, if you posted your request here, we could give it our votes. Feel free to paste some of my text too, if you think that it fits your request.

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