Search request for Camera type with PL4

The search feature allows you to search for a range of EXIF items but omits the most basic search item - Camera type - or am I missing something? Can this feature be easily added as it was a very useful facility when I had Lightroom and I don’t wish to be forced back in that direction.

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Hi Terry,

Amongst all the new features introduced with PhotoLab 5, searching by camera type was also part of this new release (have a look at the attached screenshot).

Screenshot 2022-01-05 at 09.43.09

If you’d like to have an extensive look to all major new features included with PhotoLab 5, here you have the release notes:

Hi Steven,

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I have one question to your screenshot. If I search for canon I got
image , without any seperation of the models. Do I have to set anything to get the camera models seperatly like you…
The screenshot is made on Win10, and DPL 5

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Hi Guentern,
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This function is not present on Windows yet, but it will be included in a future