Search on number ranges

Instead of searching on specific ISO , or focal length, or… Any number really .

Instead allow to search on 'greater or equal ’ , or ‘less than equal’ and maybe even ‘between a and b’ style.

Focal length can be A LOT of different numbers on a zoom lens , and ISO can be a lot of variations with auto iso enabled . Just to name a few examples .

If this has been posted somewhere else on this forum category , I’m sorry (i scrolled through a lot of topics before posting :)). Please link it so i can add a +1 to to it.

This interests me, too. Apparently there is already some ability to search within a range (particularly, focal length). See this topic for a similar request for ISO and the discussion that follows:

I’d consider your request different enough to leave separate. Don’t forget to add your own vote to it!

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