Search function questions

I’m using the search function on a PC and was wondering if there was a way to search for photos that have meet either/or conditions. For example, let’s say I’m looking for all images shot at either 1/100 or 1/50. Is this possible?

If I use both criteria “1/100 s” and “1/50 s” it returns nothing as I assume this searches for photos that meet BOTH criteria (which, of course, is impossible).

Also, searches can’t look into subfolders, can they?

Hello @DanMcKinney,

Yep, the combination search is not possible.

  • If you search by a global folder name, the images from subfolders are not displayed, it’s true.

Svetlana G.

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You could try this: Search for 1/100 and put the results in new project “A”, then search for 1/50 and add the new results to project “A”.


Thanks for the idea, but I’ll look for other search tools to get this done, I think.

But it would be cool if the search functions within DXO could be expanded to include Boolean searches - and searching sub-directories, too!

Good morning, Daniel,

Both requests are in our backlog but they will be done in the order of priority and I can confirm that they are not in the top of the list for now.

Svetlana G.

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Also things like search for “3 or more stars” would be great.

And search by “tag”, either “picked”, “rejected”, or “untagged”. I have hundreds of images across thousands of folders with the tag field set to “picked” and no way to find them all!

The filter exists but only covers the currently selected folder. If Subfolders were covered… or even the whole disk…

In the library sidebar I don’t believe the filter does exist… But “***” does for example (and it works on subfolders). I was wondering if I just didn’t know how to enter it but I tried just about everything.

I did find a work-around now the keywords work on windows: I used a date-filter range to get all images, went to the customize tab (which took a lot of time), filtered by “picked”, did ctrl-a to select all, and then added the keyword “picked”. Now the keyword “picked” finds all images that were picked at that time.

Probably would have be easier to just modify the source code if I had it.