Scrolling sliders and modules panel. (Windows)

It would be nice for a smoother workflow to have these scrolling features modified as follows:

Scrolling of slider when you turn the mouse wheel while you hover on them without having to click them (by 5 units);

Same as above (by 1 unit) when you [shift-key]+mouse-wheel;

Scroll the modules panel when you hover on it and [ctrl-key]+mouse-wheel;

I find the actual behavior of click slider+mouse wheel quite awkward, I come from Darktable where you have just to hover on the sliders and rotate the mouse wheel to have 1 unit variation. On the other side Darktable has the disadvantage that one has to rotate the mouse wheel on the narrow and dark scroll bar to scroll the modules panel. Introducing the [function-keys]+mouse-wheel option could be a nice user friendly improvement.
Thanks for reading.

If you single click the pointer you can move the slider with the up and down keys a point at a time or continue to hold key for quicker movement. Might be worth a try.

I never use the mouse to click and drag and find arrow keys a much more precise method.


Yes, that’s definitely the way to efficiently adjust PL’s sliders … and there’s a request logged to allow the same action on Local Adjustment sliders too.

John M


Thank you, Michael. Great tip and definitely worth trying.



Thank you, nice tip on a feature I didn’t know, i’ll give it a try…