Scrolling issue in PhotoLab 3.3

I just got prompted to install 3.3 which I did. Bug fixes are always welcome, even if no new features are useful to me.

But… it seems to have introduced a really frustrating behaviour. I’m used to the large pop-ups appearing as I move the mouse over each photo in PhotoLibrary view. I’d ideally turn them off, but they were able to be ignored before. Not now! Because now most of them pop up at a size sightly smaller than the content they hold and therefore have scroll bars. This means when I swipe my mouse to scroll, it scrolls the pop-up and not the library. This is infuriating!

The only workarounds are not great. Either move fast enough that they don’t pop up or keep shoving the mouse to the right edge of the screen over the library scroll bar, where the pop-ups won’t appear and you can still swipe to scroll the library.

But really… this needs to be fixed I think. I’ve never had it before so assume it was introduced in 3.3.

Hello @zkarj,

Can you, please show the issue in a screenshot or a shot video?

Svetlana G.

Here’s a quick screen recording that shows the problem. The first two thumbnails I simply hover over to show the pop-up with scrollbar. The scrollbar on macOS is only visible initially and when scrolling so soon disappears, as does the pop-up itself.

After the first two, I move to pointer over a new column and then only use the scroll action on my mouse. It scrolls the library as you would expect, however if I pause long enough for the pop-up to appear, then subsequent scrolling scrolls the pop-up and not the library. I then escape that by moving the mouse pointer and repeating the same problem scenario.

Okay, thank you. Then I move your issue to the MAC section and let @SebinParis to assist.

Svetlana G.


This issue has been detected lately, a new version with a fix, will be delivered next week.

Sorry for the inconvenience,


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Please enjoy this tread.

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Thanks. I can work around it, but it can become very frustrating.

Hi Seb. Is there any chance the preference not to show the info panel on hover is finally going to be included in this upcoming version?

Hi Joanna, this option will not be available on the next version, but we’ll talk about it with the product team.

Thanks for your feedback,


I second that … it would make many Mac users very happy

Hi Sebin, thank you for letting us know.
As I’m sure you are aware there is a strong desire amongst Mac users to have this ‘pop up’ feature amended, it has after all been amended on Windows.
PhotoLab is fantastic software and I really enjoy using it. … but the constant appearance of this ‘pop up’ is currently reducing my (and others) enjoyment of it … it shouldn’t be like that.
If it complicated to implement an ‘option’ for the display of this info panel would it be possible to remove it completely until such time when it could be re-introduced in a form we are all happy with?
Thank you

So I installed the recent update but it does not actually fix the bug. Sure, I can turn off the pop-ups, and I know a lot of people want that, as do I much of the time. But occasionally it is useful to turn them on when investigating photo metadata and when it’s on, the scrolling problem persists.