Scrolling bug: right side edit panel

I am constantly having difficulty scrolling the right side panel in Silver Efex 3 version 5.0.5 x64 5.0.1 on OSX 12.5 14" MacBook Pro M1. It’s like the program stops responding to mouse events even though I’m still scrolling with my fingers on the trackpad. What is going on? This is making it almost impossible to use the program as scrolling random stops until I slightly move the mouse pointer and try again.UPDATE: this doesn’t happen with every file. Only certain file(s) which is extremely strange. How could the file impact scrolling? Maybe a control point bug?

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Did you ever resolve this? I have the same issue with a mac mini M1. And without any file loaded. Very annoying and hard to work with. I noticed no one from PL even bothered to acknowledge your year old question.


Same here, it even changes the scrolling direction, when scrolling through the different film types and sometimes without resizing the window on my M1 Mac, the prewiew section on the left changes to two columns making it impossible to read the descriptions and this can’t be changed by the user.
When I scroll through the film types I like to focus completely on the picture and the changes occurring. It throws me off, if I have to constantly look at the right and start new.