Scale y or x of the photo indipendently

Sometimes using perspective correction makes the photo too squashed vertically or horizontally it would be useful to be able to scale the frame vertically or horizontally only to fix this kind of problem manually when it happens.

This already available on the Geometry palette…

The Volume Deformation adjustment is good for this task. I find it’s usually good enough. When it isn’t, the ReShape tool can help.

Humm I havn’t seen those! Sorry I missed the hidden options! That’s exaclty what I was looking for!

Where can I find this tool?

Volume Deformation and Reshape are only available in PhotoLab if you also have a license for Viewpoint.


Specifically VP4

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I have done several shots where perspective changes made for out of proportion images and must reinforce just how effective and easy to use the X/Y Ratio tool is.

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ah ok, thanks!