Saving Presets seems to ignore Color Rendering

I wonder if I’m missing something. When I start my edits, controls for Color Rendering are set to
Category “Generic renderings”
Rendering “From camera”.

I want to change this but when I edit the default preset to “Camera Body” “Fujifilm X70…” the new choices are not saved (or not applied).

Which preset are you trying to edit? Some of them are locked and are un-editable.

If I understand correctly, you have a default preset that is applied to a folder of images when you start PhotoLab in that folder for the first time. You want to change the color rendering for most or all of the images, so you change the default preset to use that rendering instead. This is a good solution - but it is only partial, because the image files in that folder have already had the previous preset applied to them.

One way to finish this solution:

  • Filter the image files in the image browser so that the files you want the preset applied to can all be selected easily.
  • Select all of the images and apply the preset you want (or manually change the Color rendering options).
  • The rendering you want should now be applied to all of the image files you’ve selected.

This “DECA” procedure helps me to see that changes are applied properly:

  1. Duplicate a preset (to get a new preset) and give it a name
  2. Edit the new preset (use the respective Preset Editor option)
  3. Change the thing(s) you want to change
  4. Apply the preset by clicking the “apply” button → DPL should ask if the preset should be saved.