Saving presets in Color Efex Pro 5

Hi, Trying to set up presets in Color Efex Pro 5, and all I get is an indication that the preset has been saved, but no preset is available, so there is a line on the left column that lists Custom. then it says 3, (as I have saved 3 presets) but I cannot find anywhere that they are actually listed.

I don’t want to have to recreate my recipes from scratch all the time!


Well, a total restart seems to have solved the problem! Seems like the solution to a lot of problems. Pull the plug and start again.

I have the same problem. What do you mean by “Total Restart”?..rebooting the computer? Seems like the feature should work better than that.

Welcome to the forum, Dr G …

From your screenshot, it looks to me you have the “(Star) Favorites” button activated … which means that only your nominated favourites will be displayed - and, so it seems, your newly created presets are not in that category.

See above … You are likely experiencing the same “gotcha”.

John M

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Yes, the very same ‘trap’ exists in Sharpener Pro3 and Viveza 3
→ as soon “Favorites” or “Recently used” is highlighted.

Don’t really know what I did, but I did a restart of computer (Mac studio) with all software shut down. Started it up again and boom, they were there.

… because it was reset to NOT show up “Favorites” and “Recently used” only

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Try clicking on the “Favorites” filter - - like you did here: image
… and boom, they’ll all be gone again !

John M

Nope, they still show up, I had tried every which way originally, tagged as favourites, recently used, and they didn’t show up. Now they are consistently there.

Including when “Favourites” button is activated ?
In which case, they must now be tagged as “Favourites” - Right ?
Otherwise, something very strange is going on …

John M