Saving preset with active settings only (doesn't work anymore)

FilmPack Preset are not included in the Preset window list of PL5 so I created one per film for Film and Positive films some weeks ago. No problem here, I can see direct result with my settings with different film profiles and it changes only the film parameter.
I was going to create it today for B&W Film pack but it seems that since the last update of PL5 it now includes every settings even if we deactivate everything to not include them in the preset to be able to manage a partial preset with only one setting (in my case the film profile). For sure it should be work for any active setting but we should not see any deactivated parameters inside the preset file…
Is it a bug ? a new policy ?
I edited the generated .preset file and there’s much more settings than in the other preset I created some weeks ago with success which contain only those lines for example for the Adox Color Implosion film :

Preset = {
Settings = {
Base = {
ColorRenderingType = "AdoxColorImplosion",
ColorRenderingActive = true,
ColorRenderingIntensity = 100,
ColorRenderingIntent = 0,
ColorIntentAutoActive = true,
ColorRenderingDCPProfile = "",
ColorRenderingICCProfile = "",
Overrides = {
Version = "16.0",
Version = "11.0",

I’m sorry to hear that you went to the effort… I created and distributed partial presets for all the FilmPack film types for FilmPack 5 and 6 (with assistance from @Joanna) quite a while ago. In the case of FilmPack 5 Elite, they’ve been available on this site for a couple of years. The only presets not yet included ifor FilmPack 6 Elite are the Fuji film types which were added recently in FilmPack 6.2. the link is below.


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Thanx a lot Mark for this precision !

Just by deleting the unnecessary settings like I did above and keeping only the ColorRendering part, it’s possible to keep the “partial” side of the preset but it costs time and I don’t understand that DXO did not plan to include it by default during the FilmPack installation. What a pity ! Sometimes parts or features of the PhotoLab gives a feeling of incompleteness and it’s a little bit disappointing with a so powerful raw software…