Saving LRC Edits after using PR4

Hi - just purchased pureRaw 4 - and tbh - very very impressed with it - Unfortunately, this statement from the user manual - If you process images that have already been edited in Lightroom Classic, any changes made to the originals will be applied automatically to the processed images. This applies to all tools in the Develop module, including masks (local adjustments), crop, and black-and-white conversion tools as well as the application of input profiles and pre-defined development settings.
Does not work and when returning to LRC - none of the edits are copied over. Any reason why this is happening please?

Simple - this was a LRC error as the ‘Automatically save to .XMP’ in the LRC catalogue settings had somehow been unticked.
Will leave this up in case anyone else has a similar problem.

I just paste settings from the edited LR file into the PR file in LR.
I do need to uncheck lens profile as it will add the LR profile onto the LR profile.