Saving in Silver Efex

While editing an image, NIk crashed. I lost all edits and History. I always work using non-destructive editing and reopen using Open without DXO edits. That is, if I get to hit Apply before crashing. I opened the color Nik image it created when I first opened in Nik (from DXO PL5) and while it opened in black & white there was no history. I don’t even remember what pre-set I used to start with.

Two questions

  1. From what I don’t read in Nik Guidelines for SEP3 the only way to save an image is to hit Apply on bottom right, close the program, reopen image in SEP3 > Settings > Open without edits. That’s a lot to do just to save your history. Is this correct or am I missing something? Seems user unfriendly to go through all these steps and time just to save your work in fear of it crashing. I immediately downloaded 5.0.5 after the crash.
    2.) Is there a way to determine what pre-set I used on an image? I just got (re)started in Nik after many years so I don’t remember what it did before. I will assume that it’s in History but wouldn’t the pre-set be highlighted like when you first chose it? Again, the only way to get the History is to hit Apply, close the app, and reopen the image in fear of crashing. Seems like it should be easier and more efficient.

Thanks everyone for taking a look.

UPDATE 9/29 4:16PM: Nik just crashed again before I could “save”. I heard (on this forum) that 5.0.5 is unstable. Can I go back to the previous version? I have the dmg files downloaded on 9/20 and 7/13. Do I just install from those dmg files to back?

Terry Pytlarz
Mac Mini M1 chip on Monterey
Nik 5.0.5
PL5 Elite 5.5.73

If you are paying customer make sure you contact support. I’ve encountered multiple Nik bugs with Apple M1 processors and the latest OSX. The good news is their support is really good and their engineers will fix bugs. Support will ask you for various info so they can reproduce the crash and fix it. I’ve had two bugs fixed this way. Make sure you give them the files they need. Specifically the diagnostics program they ask you to run will collect the crash data from your computer. I’ve also given them the image file, screen recordings, steps to reproduce the crash, etc. It’s a bit tedious, but they will fix the bugs if they can reproduce them. I opened all of my support tickets on their website. Here is the link:

Thank you, Mayta.