Saving in 2 folders

I am baffled, suddenly when I export to a folder PL is saving a copy into the original folder as well. I have checked many times, the desktop folder has the export and so does the original folder on drive D

Solved it by deleting the original option and creating a new one. Can’t see anyway of changing the order they are ion which is a pity as they are now “out of order”.

Hi @John7 ,

Don’t you have inadvertently another export setting selected which goes to the original folder which may explain that?

Could see nothing changed from yesterday, the only thing I change is the folder saved to. It’s very OK since creating it again and deleteinh the original one.

@StevenL here is another place where a fixed order can create issues. I, too, would like to be able to sort this.

Good morning @John7 ,

Could you, please, provide a screenshot of your Export window?

It seems to me you’ve got the default “Standard output” checked and that is why you’ve got a duplicate in the original folder.

Svetlana G.

Sorry can’t do as deleted it after creating a new one. It may have changed, don’t know how as I have been using it with no change apart from changing the folder saved to for years. The new one is goin OK just have to get used to it being at the bottom of the list rather than the top.I have done a copy of what I have now which is the same I think as what I had befor