Save multiple versions of a Color Efex Pro image when coming from Lightroom

Hi all:

I’m using Lightroom and choosing to edit the photo in Color Efex Pro 4. While in Color Efex Pro 4, I’m creating multiple versions of the image and would like to save these multiple versions while in Color Efex Pro 4.

If I click on the Save button in Color Efex Pro 4, it will take the current version back to Lightroom, but I would love to stay in Color Efex Pro 4, and continue to somehow save multiple versions without having to go back and forth and start over (yes I could save my set of effects as a recipe I believe).

I see there is a Save As method in Color Efex Pro 4’s File menu but it is greyed out, probably because I came from Lightroom? I wish there were a separate export function in Color Efex Pro 4.

Is there any way to do this or do I need to export my image from Lightroom first and then take it into Color Efex Pro 4?

I would then take the multiple versions into photoshop for some kind of layering work as a separate step.


Hi, I’m not sure, if I understood you properly. :slight_smile:

As Nik filters (only) work with JPEG- or TIFF-files, why don’t you develop your raw-file (if there is) with your preferred converter, save it as 16bit TIFF and start with PS
– to go ahead with CEP4, work with layers, smart objects, masks – whatever you prefer.
have fun, Wolfgang

Hello. I’m not sure if this is the kind of thing you are looking for but here’s how I work with multiple copies of an image from Lightroom in Color Efex Pro.

Say, for example, you want three copies of the same image.

In Lightroom, you have your original image. Right-click on that image and select “Create virtual copy” twice to create two more copies.

Now select all three images (the original and the two virtual copies) in Lightroom, right-click and choose “Edit in Color Efex Pro” and “Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments.” Lightroom will create three separate physical files from the original and two virtual copies, then open them in Color Efex. On your computer, all three new files will be stored in the same folder as the original.

Once Color Efex opens, make the changes to the first image, then select Next and the same filters and settings will initially appear for the second image. Make changes to the second image, hit Next, and the filters and settings from the second image will initially appear on the third image. (Note that if you hit “Previous” and make additional changes, those won’t carry forward when you hit “Next” again.)

I do this often when I want color and black and white TIFF files that I’m going to use for different purpose, or sometimes just to have an identical copy to experiment on.

Hope that helps!