Save edits to file

I really want edits done in Dxo to be stored in a sidecar file, like in lightroom. In lightroom I can save metadata to file and the edits are visible in other applications. Right? In DxO I am forced to export a jpg file to save the edits and make them visible. Is this really the way to go? Is there a way to let the edits be visible in the raw-file? Isn`t it better to just have 1 file (raw) of a photo instead of 2 (raw+jpg)?

The issue with any sidecar file is what other apps can read it.
DxO does store your edit data in the sidecar file. It is up to other app makers to decide if they want to invest time and money in being able to read them or not.

LR has better support from other apps, but that is not true of many other pieces of software.

Problem is, each app uses their own standard for sidecar files and there is no universal standard that I am aware of for sidecar files.

Use tiff instead of jpg if you want crossapp.

Try and see if export to DNG gives you the thing you need/want…

The DxO sidecar is a proprietary format, somewhat akin to JSON or XML but not the same as either.

Even if you could read it, the various settings are not necessarily going to be in the same “sections” or “names” than another app.

Yes, JSON and XML are universal formats but the information written in them would also have to be “universal”. AFAICT, it isn’t.