Samyang 14mm 2.8 AF / Canon EF

This lens, and its RF mount equivalent, is very popular. Please can we have a module for it? I’m using it on Canon 5D4 and R bodies.

Hi Nigel,
I assume you checked the list of Optics Modules and didn’t see yours listed or on the roadmap.

Supported Cameras - DxO

It’s helpful for the DxO staff (Marie) if you can submit your request with one or more sample photos. Not all lens are considered for Optics Modules, but you have a better chance of getting a lens profile if you submit a sample for the team to use.

Suggest Module - DxO

You can also submit a ticket:

Submit a request – Customer Support (

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Is this module significantly different?

Yes - the optical configuration of the AF version is different, and the distortion profile is different, in fact more like straightforward barrel distortion compared to the complex “moustache” distortion of the manual focus lens.

OK I will look into doing that. I assume the images should show something that’s meant to be rectilinear, such as a building, and in RAW format?