Same "Optics Modules" in PureRAW as in PhotoLab

Is there a technical reason why PureRAW and PhotoLab don’t have the same “Optics Modules”?

The trigger for this post was that I have a certain camera/lens combination I’m looking to process and the Supported Camera & Lens finder shows that the module does exist, but it only does so for DPL. There is a button to “Get in touch” to suggest a module but once the form is filled out and you press send, it will tell you that, well, “Good news, the module is already supported!” Indeed it is, for DPL but not for DPR. But that’s the end of the form, the request will just not be submitted.

It is a bit frustrating to say the least. Why would these modules be different for the two applications? Why the delay in support? Similarly, DeepPrime XD also had delayed support in DPR after debuting way ahead in DPL.

The delay could be a marketing strategy to hold back certain features from DPR until later. As in: “Do you need the latest features? Then buy our more expensive product to get them now.” Given that there are two distinctly different products for two different types of users available, it would not be a very smart strategy to try to convince the DPR user to DPL when they don’t have any use for 90% of its features.

So I’m advocating for bringing both applications’ features (the ones they share) in line with each other, at the same time.

I recommend you contact support ( Because of this:

Are all cameras supported by DxO PhotoLab also supported by DxO PureRAW, and vice versa? What about DxO FilmPack and DxO ViewPoint? – Help center

Thanks for the link but as per that support article, it confirms that “all cameras which are supported by one application will also be compatible with the others”, however, there is no mention of lenses. It does mention that there could be a few days (understandable) or weeks (questionable) between support from application to application.

In my case, the camera & lens finder states that the lens has been supported since DPL 5.6.0 (current version is 6.5.1) which would indicate months of delay and it is still not supported in DPR. The same issue as with DeepPrime XD that was delayed by months. It was a feature big enough to be released as a paid upgrade and that’s fine. But why not release DPL 6.0 and DPR 3.0 at the same time? This made no sense from a technical POV.

Hence, why I have been questioning the motive behind the delays. I will be contacting support but I was hoping someone could jump in here and make an official statement.

Which body/lens combination are we talking about?

Fuji X-H2 & XF 18-120mm

There is a discrepancy between the supported gear webpage vs. to what I find in the database of DRP (versions 2 and 3 tested). The DB lists the module(s) for your combo, hence they should be available:

I downloaded the modules in DPL and copied them to DPR’s module folder, but I cannot test if the modules can be applied because I have no suitable test image.

Thanks for checking, that indeed seems to be the case. I had been holding off buying the lens but based on your indication of potential support, I figured I would give it a try and just bought the lens. And you were right, I can confirm that it does work. The optics modules gets downloaded when I add the files to DPR 3. Great, thanks! - I will follow up with the support on that.

Btw, where is the DB stored? That seems like a handy tool.

The location depends on whether you use Windows or macOS.
I use the following DB browser: Downloads - DB Browser for SQLite

Thanks for the link, I use macOS.