Running the stand-alone version

I recently purchased Nik Collection. It runs fine as a PS CC plug in. But I would like to run it also as a stand-alone program, which I thought was provided by my license. But I cannot find an icon for this, and can’t figure out how to access.

Would someone please explain what I should do.


You can access to the exe (Windows) with the path
e.g. C:\Program Files\DxO\Nik Collection… Color Efex Pro 4\Color Efex Pro 4.exe

The Nik Collection was never designed or intended to be used as a stand alone suite of applications. Unfortunately, the ability to run it that way was not provided by your license agreement. However, as Pascal pointed out, some of the applications can be run that way if you are knowledgeable and comfortable enough to drill down to the application executables using your computer’s file manager.



Historically, NIK could be used stand-alone. Here’s a link to many sources:

However, I agree, it is not intended to be stand-alone in it’s present iteration.

I do not have the windows version but on a Mac there is no problem to run any NIK app as a standalone.
I would assume it is the same on windows, isn’t it?

A word of caution. There are two versions of NIK: Google (32 bit) and DxO (64 bit). Experience has taught me both can not co-exist as plug-ins on the same machine; DxO NIK will overwrite Google NIK.

I do not know if both versions can co-exist as stand-alone programs.

As I indicated earlier the Nik applications can be run standalone if one is knowledgeable and comfortable enough to drill down to the application executables using the computer’s file manager. Many, if not most people, may not know how or want to do that. Additionally, while most of the Nik applications have a file menu when executed standalone, some do not.

My point however was that the Nik Collection is not designed with an easy to use common interface that can run the various component programs. That is a minimum expectation for a software application intended to be run standalone. To tell someone that their Nik programs can be run standalone presumes a level of understanding about how to navigate their computer file system that unfortunately most people just don’t possess. It would also be easy for someone unprepared for the experience to accidentally move, delete or rename one of the executable programs. This is not for everyone.

OK, thanks for the clarification.