Running PureRaw2 in Linux with WINE

I would like to share my experience running DxO - Pure Raw 2 in Linux (Debian 11) by means of WINE. There are some topics about running Pure Raw 2 in Linux, but here I will share HOW I achieve it and the actual drawbacks I have experienced.

1 - Install WINE and WINETRICKS in your linux system ( ) . To check the Wine and Winetricks version you are running open a terminal and type:

wine --version
 ---> in my case: wine-7.0.1

sudo winetricks --self-update
—> in my case: The current version is 20220411-next

2 . Then execute in the terminal WINETRICKS:


Run winecfg and fix Windows version (note: Pure Raw 2 does not work with Windows 10 ), so I have selected : Windows 8.1

Install Windows DLL or component:

Load only one DLL: vcrun2019: Visual C++ 2015 - 2019 (libraries requested mfc140 and mfc140u

Run explorer and double click on the Pure Raw 2 installation file (DXO_PureRaw_v2.exe )

Follow the conventional installation process as you were in Windows.

3. Wine will create a direct access in your Linux applications menu.


Note I could use only HQ and Prime … but not DeepPrime (I think it is a matter of memory resources allocated by WINE)

I hope this will help all of you who loves PURE RAW 2 but are running LINUX operative systems until an indigenous version of Pure Raw 2 is prepared.

If you have additional tips about:

  • - How to run the program in Windows 10 operative system of WINE
  • - How to configure WINE with enough resources to run DeepPrime functionalites

they will be very welcome !!

Regards, Luis Benítez

( You can find these instructions in video format -in Spanish - you can click here: )

I’ll be beyond stunned if that ever happens.

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Thank you for this information!
I managed to run PureRaw3 with wine as well inside bottles 51.5. It works with Windows 10 and does not seem to require extra dll. Though, inside bottles I had to change the executor from soda-7.0-9 to sys-wine-8.0 to make the program load correctly. I had no success with DeepPrime and DeepPrimeHQ (I get black outputs with some artifacts), I have no idea why. HQ works correctly though.

The reason DeepPrime and DeepPrimeHQ don’t work is because Pureraw uses DirectML which has no support whatsoever in linux atm. The only project looking to add it in the future is Vkd3d. So only HQ Prime will function in linux. So for the devs of DxO, to make it work in linux they’d need to implement it in CUDA or better yet, OpenCL. Aside from that it will be a long time before DxO works correctly…