Rules for import and export

The option to create rules for which import preset is used for an image based on say camera model ( or even camera model and serial number ) found in the EXIF data.

And something similar for export… like image size scaling based on camera model.

It would also be nice to create more complex workflows that combine several rules and options.

In actual fact, PL doesn’t use the concept of a "library, so it doesn’t “import” files, it simply opens them. You can choose which preset is applied, when it is first opened, in the preferences.

I’m not sure how useful this would be for the majority of users and wonder how many people would really want “complex” workflows.

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Trade import for open.

As for more complex workflows, such would of course only make sense for those who can make use of such a feature.

@Grebstad Thanks for the interesting idea. To my mind, it makes more sense to divide your files into separate folders before importing them into Photolab in this case. You can then just apply a specific preset to that folder when opening it.

When you’re done adding the camera specific presets, you can then put all the files back together in a single folder for fine processing.

This kind of sophisticated automation could be created with external macro-type tools (i.e. like Apple Script) and would not be dependent on DxO or other people’s specific needs. I.e. it could cater exclusively to your personal workflow.

I already have presets for every camera I own which I apply on open. Sadly the presets vary somewhat depending on lighting as well, so just a generic preset based on camera body would not be enough. I’d have to take into account light source and amount of light. Gets complicated very fast.

Like Joanna I would hate to see this kind of fiddly and geeky feature take time away from improving the core RAW processing and resolving performance issues (still no proper GPU support on Mac).