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As if I’ve seen this pic … could you pass it here or via PM?

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Yes – I can confirm this BUG, with Affinity Photo 2 as well Affinity Photo 1.

@DxO_Support-Team, please have a look!


Yes definitely a bug in both the release version of Affinity Photo 2 and the Customer Beta. I have visited the Affinity Forum and it looks like you have already reported the matter to them.



Your workflow seems to be Nikonfile.NEF → AP (Nikonfile.TIFF) → FP → AP.

If this is the case, first contact of the original NEF is with AP. Right?
Which version of FP do you use?
Have you looked at the TIFF’s metadata?

No Affinity Photo Updates? Well, is you fell back to the previous versions (one by one), things could rearrange themselves. As I’ve never seen issues with files sent from DPL to DFP so far, the issue could still be caused by AP… Files look okay when you send the TIFF from DPL straight to DFP?

Nevertheless, I can offer to have a look at your files and see if metadata looks right.
Post a link to the original NEF and the two TIFFs if you like.

Any file?
What if you use FP standalone?

No Problem with FP in standalone, the problem ist with the FP plugin only!

Just pointed AP 2.1.1 to the previously and still installed FP5 (folder )

and … no problem, no crop to square format. → It seems, that FP6 is behaving buggy.

Btw, checked with dropping a landscape / portrait orientation pic onto FP6 to then start FP6 standalone … no problem, no crop to square format.

@DxO_Support-Team – to let you know

Yes, it worked also with the previouse FP 6 Version without problem, sadly i don`t have the installer of that version anymore

…if you have a backup…

I think you can download it from dxo.


If you log in on the site you’ll see the software you own. There you can find the download. I tested it with PL so I assume you can with P too.


I advise you to always keep an n-1 version in case there is a problem.
I can send you this version if you want.