Rotate to make verticals vertical

Viewpoint currently has a horizon tool which rotates the image to make the horizon horizontal. There is also a manual tool that allows you to choose any line and make it horizontal.

I would ideally like to be able to rotate any line to any degree, but I would settle with being able to make any line vertical.

My main reason for wanting this is that there may be no visible horizon. An alternative to overt horizon leveling is to make a physical vertical line in the centre of the image vertical in the photo (typically off-centre physical vertical lines appear slanted in the photo, but a centre physical vertical line should appear vertical in the photo; if it doesn’t, then making it vertical will level the horizon).

Well, just select the vertical alignment tool…

Under Perspective, I set the Auto Correct option to Vertical only (by default, it’s both vertical and horizontal). I use this very often.

Thanks for this. I have Viewpoint 3, which doesn’t appear to have this option. I went to the list of feature changes from Viewpoint 3 to Viewpoint 4 looking for this feature, but it wasn’t listed. Good to know it exists. I was planned on an upgrade, so I can now go ahead with more confidence.

Thanks for the suggestion. I wasn’t aware of this option. I will give it a try.

I have now upgraded to Photolab 7 and ViewPoint 4.

I can see the vertical alignment tool if I run ViewPoint by itself, but not within Photolab 7. Is this normal or is there something wrong?

  1. Have you activated ViewPoint?

  2. Have you added the ViewPoint palette to your sidebar?

  3. Depending on your palette arrangement, the tools should appear, either in the Geometry palette…

    … or in the ViewPoint palette…

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PLx ( = just pull a vertical line as needed )


I see the tool for creating a line. I assumed that the picture was rotated so that the line always became horizontal. I see now with experimentation that it can also become vertical. I assume that it depends on the steepness of the line drawn: presumably it becomes horizontal if steepness is less than 45 degrees, vertical if steepness is more than 45 degrees.

Many thanks for your help.

Well – the Horizon tool is not ‘limited’ to any degree.


That’s different to the crop tool, where you can zoom out by a little,
grab one of the corners and rotate the pic until 45° …

(experiment with the options for Correction + Aspect ratio)

I am referring to the tool whereby you draw a line and the picture is rotated to achieve a particular orientation for that line. In my experiments, the line becomes either horizontal or vertical.

In the first example, the line follows the rooftop. It points up by more than 45 degrees, so the picture is rotated to make that roof segment vertical.

In the second example, the line follows the rooftops and points down by less than 45 degrees, so the picture is rotated to make the roof segment horizontal.

Whether you aim for vertical for horizontal, the resulting orientation is always going to be up/down or side/side.

If you want a deliberate skewing, use the reframing tool and the swirly cursor that appears outside the frame…