Rotate Image and rotate crop - Photolab 4

Is it possible to rotate an image in Photolab 4? I am guessing not as nothing comes up when I put ‘rotate’ in the tools search panel (which is a wonderful feature!).

When I check, the same photo is displayed the other way up on two other pieces of software. It is an architectural image taken at an awkward angle.

Also when cropping, is it possible to change your crop from 3:2 to 2:3? I have managed this by unconstraining it, getting it roughly right, and then choosing 3:2 again, but is there a quicker way?

Neither of these are things I want to do very often, but just occasionally.

To rotate an image you use the horizon level tool on the tool bar. Works the same although not the sort of rotation tool you find in Affinity and Photoshop etc.

Thank you - can you rotate it by 90 degrees? That is what I was wanting to do and I couldn’t seem to get this to work for me.

Search for rotate in the online help:

It is in the image menu. There are also keyboard shortcuts Cmd+L/R on MacOS, Ctrl+L/R on Windows.

PS: On a Mac you can search the menu (see Help menu search fielld) and it will show you where the matching menu item is. A wonderful feature that I really miss when I have to use Windows.


Brilliant, thank you - that is just what I needed. CMD L or R

I had googled rotate and only managed to find older posts where people had the same problem.

Edit: I was going to mark as solved, but I will leave just in case there are any insights in to the crop problem.

Crop and rotate are in the list of features to vote for i.e a unified tool like Affinity and PS (+ other features)

You will need to search for those and add your vote to a request. Can’t find the link, though I am sure someone could provide it.

Thank you - I have a feeling I might have already voted for that as I did come across it once. Also for it to constrain the crop to within the available photo, so we don’t get black edges. Are we limited to a certain number of votes?

I’m trying to be flexible to adopt new ways of working.

The CMD L and R were the things I needed today and I have already used them again! I’ve copied all of the shortcuts into my notes for future reference.

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You can find all the keyboard shortcuts here


Thank you, yes that’s where I copied them from after clicking on the link in @Calle’s post - now in my notes on my computer :slight_smile: