Roadmap for supported lenses

ok, there is a list of already supported lenses, and I can suggest lenses I am missing, what I have done.
But is there a roadmap that will tell me if these lenses will be supported in the near future?

Once support for a new lens is decided on, it will be listed with the corresponding version of the software it will be supported in. .This may be a current “next build” or future version release.

Hi Rick,

can I have a look at this list somewhere?
OK, I have made my decission on the lenses to buy anyway (tomorrow the next one will arrive :slight_smile: ) but I never have thought that thespecific software will be an important part.

The “Roadmap” is here

It may not be up to date or comprehensive. For example it was not noted that the Canon RF 600mm f11 would be supported until the end of last year. Then a date of Jan 2021 was put on the Roadmap. Now it says Feb 2021. So you never know exactly when things are coming.

It is helpful, however, in finding out which Cameras and Lenses are currently supported.


this is right, roadmap is in same list as supported cameras.
But planning can change depending on loans we get (what and especially when) or other tasks that must be done before some calibration.
Anyway, modules for Canon RF 600mm F11 will be released on next Wednesday (February 10th).


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So I will calm down, singing ‘Oooohhhhmmmmm’ , when it’s comming it will come :grinning: :innocent:
It is just because I am so glad that I have made up my decision on a new camera and lenses after so many years being unlucky with my old one and I am fascinated on the (technical) quality I never have seen before.

Sorry, but the link for the roadmap only gives you a jpeg image with no information. Is there an updated link to the modules roadmap (it it exists)?

You will find it here