Ricoh GRIII DNG Files on Photolab 7

Hello everyone, hope someone can help me with this question!!!

I started taking pictures with the Ricoh GRIII in DNG Format, I used B&W image control from the camera, I copied my DNG’s to the computer and opened them in Photolab to perform small adjustments like croping, but Photolab is not reading the DNG settings that comes from the camera, it loads the image with color.

I would like to know if this is the expected behavior or do I need set some preferences in PhotoLab to see the image as it came from the camera.

The image of the left is how I see my DNG file with the default viewer on computer, using the the default editor from computer to crop, it keeps the B&W color setting that came from the camera
The image of the right is how I see the same DNG on PhotoLab


If you can to attach a dng and dop we might able to take a look at it.

All RAW images, including those marked with a DNG extension are in colour (except Leica’s B&W camera)

What you see on most viewing apps is the enclosed JPEG, whose appearance is governed by the “image control”.

PhotoLab is a RAW processor and reads the RAW data instead, so that it can be processed correctly and which is always in colour.


Thank you so much Joanna for the explanation

So, I guess now that what I was cropping with the default PC editor is the enclosed JPEG and not the DNG