Ricoh GR3 users - GW-4 Wide Angle adapter lens

Just completed a photowalk and used my GW-4 quite extensively. Loading the directory with these DNG files causes PL4 (and PL3) to immediately crash. I have resolved the crash by moving the directory (so I can at least continue using PL).

Any other GR3 users experiencing a similar problem? My GR3 has the latest firmware… I am wondering if there were any DNG changes? Or if indeed it is the GW-4. My older and non-GW-4 DNG files work fine in PL4.

I have a ticket raised…

This is on MacOS Catalina10.15.7 and PL4 build 42.

Can you post one of the offending .dmg files for us to try?

Hello @mclovett,

we recently added support of GW-3 extender for module of Ricoh GR III but not the GW-4, I will add it to the roadmap.

The problem is GW change focal of images, it’s basically like a camera with different lenses, so

  • focal of images done with GW-4 might bot be accepted by the DxO Optics Module, in that case you will have a grey triangle
  • if focal is accepted (because it is between focal of the GR III lens and the GW-3) then correction can’t be correct or will fail.


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Notice that the metadata doesn’t report the use of the GW-4… or if it does, it’s not visible in LrC. All of the photos report a Focal Length of 18.3mm. The one I have attached is using the wide adapter, even so.

OK… try this. My daughter busily completing an A level project…

LOVETTMC_20201030_UAE_5851.DNG (29.1 MB)

Thanks for the image.

we will use it to check everything is fine once we have the support of the GW-4.

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Thanks Marie.

I suggest a better fail response for your roadmap as well!

Opening a folder that contains your file simply quits DPL versions 3 and 4.
DPL 2 displays an image with a question mark and gets pretty laggy, but does not close.

FYI the ticket no: #238592

Thanks. I didn’t try PL2… interesting that it handles the data better.