Ricoh GR III Color Rendering profile


I have been using DxO Photolab 5 with my Ricoh GR III for a few months now, and greatly enjoy the results I get. One thing I have noticed (and this isn’t a deal breaker – I’m just trying to understand the inner workings), is that I cannot find the Ricoh GR III camera rendering profile in the “Camera Body” dropdown menu.

The only thing I can think of is that it is using some variation of the Neutral Color, Neutral Tonality color rendering profiles – but I can never get an exact match.

Does anyone know what color rendering profile is used for the GR series?


The Camera Body menu only offers a limited selection of simulated renderings - not the full list of supported camera bodies. For example, there are no Panasonic micro four thirds bodies and only a few Olympus bodies. (The cameras I use.)

The correct profile for your camera is obtained using the “Generic renderings” Category option (when the image was actually taken with the GR III). In the next selection down, you can choose a rendering you like. I find generic doesn’t match camera JPEG colors well, but “Neutral color, factory tonality” gets a little bit closer sometimes. I only use that as a starting point anyway, as I like to adjust the colors to taste.

If you want to use a Ricoh rendering with images taken using another camera, then you can try to find a DCP camera profile and install it into PhotoLab. I believe many are available from Adobe Camera Raw.


Thanks! I also find that Neutral Color, Factory Tonality gets pretty close to the Ricoh’s “Standard” profile (I also like to add a little vibrancy and midtone boosts).

I appreciate the rundown of the color rendering options.

Greg is correct. those specific camera profiles are there in case you prefer using a profile from one of the included cameras instead of your own camera.


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