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October 21, 2020
Revolution is coming.

Does anyone know more about this?


No, the secret is safe but…
"However, without giving too much details, I can tell that a discrete (internal or external) GPU is going to make a significant difference in PhotoLab 4. ( DxO staff )
And perhaps watermark.


For sure someone knows more else this advertisement would not exist :grimacing:
Fortunately the suspens ends tomorrow… already :grin:

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From my point of view, it’ll definitely be worth the wait :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Seen the answer in another thread, PL4 coming tomorrow.
just in time for my birthday :thinking: :dizzy:

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Happy birthday!!

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Oh that is a great gift :gift:
Happy birthday :partying_face:

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Well, a revolution for an “minor” update (3.2 -> 3.3) ?

Well, current version for me on Mac is 3.3.3 :wink:

Oh I think I totally misunderstood the whole thing. :man_facepalming:
3.3 has been released earlier this year.
I wasn’t even realizing that I was using the 3.3 version … shame on me.


we are still waiting for this “revolution”…

It shouldn’t be long now, the DXO site is under maintenance.

You’ll get the Revolution within an hour :wink:

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That PL4 DeepPrime announcement posted yesterday seems to have been taken down.

Another annoucement posted a little fast as for watermarks or a better GPU gestion :grinning:

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Version4 installed…go to test this evening

HSL with Hue Picker…great

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The shop is open. I just payed for the upgrade and downloaded PL 4.


Enjoy. There are a bunch of new toys to play with.


I dont see a revolution, but pl4 looks fine for me. A lot of request are resolved.

I’m testing PL4 on some Grace Jones concerts pictures done years ago. DeepPrime and the new stuff really makes a difference, PL4 is brilliant.