Reverse vignetting

Most of the time I have the automatic vignetting correction enabled.
Sometimes however, I like the vignetting and disable it, or even want to increase vignetting.

I know there is a vignetting option in the FilmPack that I tried, but that is not too realistic and more an ‘instagram effect’ so to speak…

In most software I know, the vignette correction can also be reversed, to increase the vignetting. A negative intensity value.

Please?.. Shouldn’t be too much code to implement… :wink:

Hello @Skies,

Please, do not forget to vote for your suggestion :point_up_2:

Svetlana G.

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One option could be to leave vignette correction on in Photolab and simply apply it later. Affinity, PS and NIK plugins will do it. All do pretty good jobs too.

I like the NIK plugin Color Efex as it lets you choose the centre point and so you can be more creative with vignettes.

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Yes, you can specify the centre point (for the vignette effect) with CEF - BUT it’s not very clear about where the centre has actually been applied - and it cannot be moved, once applied, without reassigning it from scratch.
The Creative Vignette tool that’s integrated within PhotoLab (if you also own Film Pack) is much better in this regard; the centre point is a clearly defined point that can be moved around to fine-tune the placement of the effect.

John M

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@Skies & all,

just tripped over this thread – I’m a big fan of Nik ColorEfex Darken/Lighten Center,
which gives you all possibilities inclusive ‘invisible’ vignettes

have fun, Wolfgang

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