Return of Smart Lighting v7

Having reluctantly upgraded from DxO v11 to PhotoLab, I have just noticed this has gone missing. Many of us pleaded, successfully, for it to be kept in DxO v8-11, so can we have it back please?

I find it unbeatable when doing church interiors where it is necessary to shoot large areas very dark so as not to ‘blow’ the highlights in windows and artificial lighting

Is it the same thing, as requested here?:

If so, this request could be closed to avoid vote splits.

No, that was for the later DxO v9 which isn’t as flexible or as powerful as the DxO v7 one it possibly hoped to replace … but its on the similar lines.

BTW I hope there is not too much reliance on voting and hope the staff look at requests on their merits


You’re on the exact same tack as me on this one, Chris … the only difference between us is that I preferred the look of the v9 version.

I’m amazed & curious that very few other people seem to miss this this feature of Smart Lighting … and I’m astounded that it has been dropped from PL :disappointed_relieved:

I’ve just come back today to rework some images that I had originally processed with Smart-Lighting mode = DxO OpticsPro 9 … and I’ve spent quite some time on them in PL - but with nowhere near as good a result as I originally achieved with OP … So frustrating and annoying :exploding_head:

Despite the lack of backwards compatibility between PL & OP, I wouldn’t mind if the algorithm(s) was resuscitated with a different name - perhaps as the “Brightening” mode (in keeping with terminology related to ISO Invariance) - - 'cos I suspect it was inclusion of “OpticsPro” in the v7/v9 mode-name that caused a marketing issue with the upgrade to PhotoLab (from OpticsPro).

Chris - May I suggest that you add your requirement for the v7 version of the OpticsPro mode for Smart Lighting to my thread (PL Smart Lighting has lost algorithm to process (purposefully) under-exposed images) - - - so that votes on this topic are not diluted.

Regards, John M

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