Retrieving License from Time Machine

My old iMac completely died. Everything was backed up and am now using my Mac Mini but can’t do a complete restore because there’s not enough space on the Mini. So I just copied DXO Photo Lab 2 to the Mini but it sees it as a trial. I can navigate to the license but it won’t let me import it. Same goes for my Presets. I have a bunch and they are all lost if I can’t get them off my Time Machine drive. Any help would be much appreciated. Also, there won’t be any new iMac coming.

Restore the necessary items to your download or public folder and then copy them to the right places using the user account(s) on your mini. This should set the file rights right. As for the license: I’m not sure if the license file will work. There is more in it than your license code. Best proposal: Get the code out of your user account at and enter the code when DPL asks for it…


Thanks, but I went to the store and got what it said was my license code but it didn’t work. Was told it was incorrect? Any other ideas?

Only one idea - contact support

OOPS! I had put DXOLabs 1 instead of 2. So got that straightened out. I’ll try the Preset thing after church.