Retouch tool outlines not visible (PL7 Mac)

I haven’t had need to use the Retouch tool for a while but when I tried it yesterday, I found that the outline of the selected area was either not visible or barely visible, no matter what the colour.



Can anyone else verify this before I submit a bug report?

It doesn’t help you, but no worries with the Windows version

In PL 6 / 7 (Windows) they are visible

  • as long they are active
  • or highlighted (touched).

Otherwise only the center/starting point is presented (Show mask ON, cursor over the pic …).

Does it help?

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From the point of view that your comment makes it a Mac only issue, yes.

The mask does appear but only on the “add” and “erase” modes and neither mouse over nor clicking on the point makes any difference.

New Mask selected…

Add to Mask or Delete from Mask selected…

Deform Mask selected…

For me, the problem became apparent when I tried to rotate a mask and, as you can see, the wireframe is visible, although barely, but the true area affected isn’t.

Dear Joanna ,

I may be off topic, but like you I have noticed some display difficulties with these tools.
There is absolutely no doubt that the boundary of the mask is really too thin. I selected a fluorescent green (a color very rarely seen in my photos) but it remains very difficult to see.

While trying to reproduce what you described to us, I noticed something that seems strange to me (at least with my level of knowledge.)
When I switch from “repair” to “duplicate” without changing any other parameters, the “repaired or duplicated” area changes brightness.
This seems abnormal to me.
It seems to me that “deformed mask” is working correctly.


Capture d’écran 2024-02-22 à 12.34.08

Hi Joanna,
sorry not to have added screenshots.

and no way to change their color
(in case you can do so on Mac)


So that is the difference (yet another) between Mac and Win. See my first screenshots from PL6. The surrounding lines are visible but that seems to have changed in PL7 Mac.

But then we can change the colour of the line, so yah boo sucks to you Windows types :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That is definitely normal because the Repair mode attempts to blend the “patch” with the target area, whereas the Duplicate mode just stamps all over it.

Which version of DPL are we talking about? 7.4, 7.3, … ?

Mmhhh, I had only checked in PL7.

In PL6 outline and wire frame look the same, but the mask’s color (when correcting) has changed from translucent blue (PL6) to quite solid red (PL7).

Hi Joanna
I too have run into his problem on the Mac since the upgrade.
I have also wanted to work in the bottom left corner and you have to keep turning the tool box on/off to work there !! Needs to be movable !!

Tested with DPL versions 6.14, 7.3 and 7.4 on macOS 12.7.3 (Monterey)
DPL 6 (left) seems fine but DPL 7 (right) isn’t.