Retouch control pane fails to appear in PL6 on Win10. Please advise.

I’m a newcomer to DXO (longtime C1 user, testing the waters). Liked it enough to buy a copy for a longer evaluation. All went well until I tried the Retouch feature. If I press the button, or activate the tool via the ReToiuch control, the image flickers, a “Full Preview in Progress” notice comes up for a a fraction of a second, and then…nothing! The pop-up submenu with the retouching tools doesn’t appear…ever.

Am I missing something here? Is it a known bug? I’m running DXO PL6.10.0 on Win10.

Also, are we expected to rely on the DXO team to read user postings, or is there a more formal issue-ticketing system somewhere?


Check out

This forum is for users helping users. DxO looks into it and occasionally adds a post.

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