Respect the in-camera color settings

I shoot with a Fujifilm X-T4 using the Provia profile and have my colors set to “+2”. When processing the image with Fujifilm X Raw Studio and Capture One, they both respect this setting and produce an image with colors that closely resemble the out-of-camera JPEG. However, I have noticed that when using PureRAW, the resulting image has washed-out colors.

If you can address this issue, I would be more than willing to switch to PureRAW for my RAW processing. Currently, I rely on Fujifilm X Raw Studio because it produces sharper images compared to Capture One. However, I have discovered that PureRAW offers superior noise reduction and detail processing, which is impressive. Great job on that! I just need the colors to be restored and the lens distortion correction, as mentioned in my previous post. Once these adjustments are made, I’ll be ready to make the switch. Thank you!

what you want called DxO PhotoLab

Unfortunately, PhotoLab also does not have the capability to achieve the desired outcome. The processed RAW images appear identical to those processed with PureRAW, which is not surprising considering they use the same underlying code.

While it is possible to adjust the colors in PhotoLab, the results do not accurately reproduce the original colors. If I were to post-process the images using Affinity Photo, I might be able to restore them to some extent, but it would require a significant amount of effort. However, even with extensive work, I doubt I would be able to achieve the exact look I desire.

As long the incamera setting is your reference, stay with Fuji’s software – or use ooc JPEGs.

I want that nice Sharpening and the Denoising.

Well, you have the choice. – PL as being a third party software to your cam, (now) registers the Provia profile, but cannot read incamera settings.

BTW, it’s the same for my Nikon, which I’ve set to neutral, and I start with my colour rendering in PL.

Upon further experimentation, I have come to realize that my previous assumption about Capture One respecting the “+2” color setting was incorrect. After conducting various test shots and comparing them with the OOC JPEG, it appears that this setting is also disregarded by Capture One. Instead, Capture One recognizes the Fuji Provia profile and applies the colors in such a way that they appear identical to the OOC JPEG with the “+0” color setting.

In contrast, the colors produced by PureRAW and PhotoLab look noticeably different. They have a more neutral appearance.

It seems that Capture One’s ability to reproduce the Provia colors may be a unique selling point resulting from their partnership with Fujifilm, allowing them to provide the same “film simulations” (as Fuji refers to the color profiles).

I am curious to know if I can achieve a similar ability to replicate Provia colors by purchasing the DxO FilmPack software.

Alternatively, I may need to invest some time in exploring whether it is possible to create a profile in PhotoLab that comes close to the Provia look, although that may prove challenging.

I’m not particularly inclined to derive pleasure from meticulously adjusting color settings in an editing software. The reason I chose to purchase a Fuji camera was because I appreciated the aesthetic of the Provia look. Unfortunately, I have struggled to replicate that specific appearance with my previous Canon images. Perhaps I simply lack the necessary expertise, or it’s possible that achieving the Provia look is not meant to be an effortless task.

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Okay, it appears that the neutral tone is influenced by the “Color Rendering” setting, which seems to be enabled by default in PureRAW. When I disable this setting, the colors closely match my expectations. There are still slight variations in vibrance and clarity, but those are easier to adjust compared to matching the colors.

The “Generic Fuji Provia 100” option doesn’t accurately replicate the output of my Fuji X-T4 camera, and the rendering for the X-T4 doesn’t meet my requirements either.

I understand that choosing a color rendering is a more advanced feature that belongs to the larger product, PhotoLab. I’m comfortable with the boundary being drawn there.

However, it would be great if PureRAW could include a checkbox to disable color rendering. Paying an additional 100€ for PhotoLab Elite just to have the ability to disable a checkbox, when I don’t require the other features, may not be a favorable option for me.

Nevertheless, I can definitely see myself purchasing PureRAW for sharper and less noisy images - if I can keep the colors as is and not set to neutral.

The current version of DPR is not about colour, but about other qualities as you already found out correctly. PureRaw is therefore not really what you want at the moment. Another 150.- saved!

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