Resizing to print in a specific format

The other day I was trying out a new printer.
I wanted to print A4 sheets, my pictures were in 4x3 aspect ratio, so I used the crop tool set to a custom 210x297 ratio (A4 is 21 cm x 29,7 cm).

Each time I tried to print, the printer software cropped the pictures again, as if the aspect ratio was not good…
I don’t understand what I am doing wrong. I tried with a smaller format (10x15cm), and the same problem came up.

Sounds like the problem is with the printing software.
The other possible complication is the print area of the printer may not be the full page size…

It’s difficult to visualise your workflow, you haven’t given many details but as @MikeR has suggested it sounds like you haven’t set the scaling correctly in the print dialog.

For borderless printing, the printer needs to offer the respective option. If there is no such option, the borders need to be taken into account.

The Canon printers I used so far needed to be set to print on A4 borderless…through selection in the media options of the printer dialog, which looks like this in my current setup:

Check the setting next to the green arrow.

Check the printable area… check the aspect ratio of the printable area. It may be different than the page size.

Then use that aspect ration when cropping in Photolab.

Some printers have a border less printing option which sometimes needs to be specifically enabled. Look for that as well.

Thank you for your feedback! I’ll dig more into the printer’s specifications to see if I can correct the issue.